Public sector procurement in Belize is governed by a certain number of legal instruments, the most recent and significant one dating 2005. Procurement-related provisions are primarily included in financial legislation dealing with public finance management (public revenue and expenditure).  These dispositions are developed to ensure that the goods, works and services purchased by a governmental entity are acquired in a fair and cost-efficient manner in awarding these contracts, especially when private contractors are bidding on the items in question.

Procurement Related Legislation

Miscellaneous Acts and Laws

Another relevant aspect of legislation applicable to public procurement operations deals with the prevention of corruption and the adherence to ethical conduct and integrity standards by public procurement officials as well as the private sector. Instances of prohibited unethical behaviour applicable to public procurement are listed and detailed in a number of legal texts, from the Belize Constitution to Acts on Prevention of Corruption in Public Life.

The main relevant legislation include:

  • Belize Constitution Act, Chapter 4, Revised edition 2000 [Section 121 Code of Conduct] 
  • Contractor-General Act, Chapter 6, Revised edition 2000
  • Prevention of Corruption At, Chapter 105, Revised edition 2000
  • Prevention of Corruption in Public Life Act, Chapter 12, Revised edition 2000
  • Standards Act, Chapter 295, Revised edition 2000
  • Fiscal Transparency and Responsibility Regulations (FTRR), SI No. 95 of 2010
  • Statutory Instrument No. 38 of 2010 – General Sales Tax (Amendment of Schedules) (No.2) Order, 2010
  • Arbitration Act, Chapter 125, Revised edition 2000
  • Labour Act, Chapter 297, Revised edition 2000