The CARICOM Public Procurement Notice Board (CPPNB) is an advertising portal that facilitates the centralised publication of procurement opportunities in the tendering process for CARICOM-wide buyers and suppliers. It offers a secure, interactive, dynamic environment for procurements of any nature, complexity or value, enforcing (where appropriate) and encouraging recognised best practices.
The National Advertising Portal is country specific version of the CPPNB that supports the process of procuring works, services and supplies electronically. Different public procurement procedures are supported for both one-off or repetitive purchases through several dedicated sub-modules providing facilities for user registration, competition review, approval and publication on a national and community level.

All local publications above a US$30,000 threshold are automatically posted at the CARICOM-wide site to attract a wider range of suppliers. Amounts below this threshold are deemed Belize Market only.

Accessing the Notice Board

Procuring Entities

Government entities in Belize, Ministries, Departments or other public bodies are required to publish their procurement opportunities on this notice board. Procuring Entity access to the site is granted by the Procurement Unit, Ministry of Finance.

Supplier Organization

Businesses and Individuals wish to be suppliers (contractors, consults, etc.) to published procurement opportunities on the Notice Board can be added by the Procurement Unit or can Self-Register on the website.
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