Public Procurement Procedures Handbook

Public Procurement Procedures Handbook

The  Handbook on Public Procurement Procedures is a significant step forward in Government procurement in Belize.Developed by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, the Handbook is a major element for an efficient and transparent public procurement system in the context of the Public Financial Management (PFM) modernisation intiatives. It is also central to providing equal business opportunities to all eligible competitors

Guidelines for the Public Sector

The Guidelines on Government Procurement Procedures for the Public Sector constitute Part I of the Public Procurement Procedures Handbook (PPPH), Volume I. It is intended as a reference tool to guide public officials in standardised procurement practice and ensuring compliance with the Laws of Belize and the application of procurement international best practices.

In addition to the procedural guidance and instructions on the many aspects of procurement and contracting, the Handbook includes in its Volume II model documentation related to competition processes and contracts – called Standard Bidding Documents – along with Guidance Notes for SBDs usage.These two sets of documentation are treated as separate subject topics on the Portal Homepage.

View/Download here Part I of the Public Procurement Procedures Handbook [PDF file]

Guidelines for the Private Sector

The Guidelines on Government Tendering for the Private Sector constitute Part II of the Public Procurement Procedures Handbook (PPPH), Volume I. Specifically tailored to the business community – including micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) – these guidelines provide a general and easy reference on the procurement process and how to successfully address public markets. 

 View/Download here Part II of the Public Procurement Procedures Handbook [PDF file]

Glossary of Terms

Procurement-related terms used in the Public Procurement Procedures Handbook shall have the meaning as indicated in this Glossary of Terms applicable to both Part I and Part II of the Handbook.

View/Download here the Public Procurement Procedures Handbook Glossary of Terms [PDF file]