Resources for GOB Employees

Resources for GOB Employees

Government of Belize employees involved in Public Procurement can access internal resources on YAMMER with their GOB WAN user accounts ( accounts).

Please visit the following site to access video tutorials, circulars, etc. designed specifically for GOB users. Users can also engage in discussions and provide suggestions to improve processes and legislation.

Public Procurement (MOF Resources)

The following are videos for Yammer:

  1. An Intro to Yammer

  2. A quick guide to use Yammer
Follow these steps to logon to Yammer, if you have never logged on with your GOB account:
  1. Go to this site.
  2. Enter your work email (your username plus as shown. The click the “Sign Up” button. This is only if you have never used the service before.
  3. Check your email for a confirmation email. Click “Complete Signup”
  4. Go back to the webpage and click the “Join Group” button.

Once you have been approved access, you can visit the link again and you will be able to view content and interact.