About Us

About Us

Public procurement is a function of the Ministry of Finance and is carried out by the Procurement Unit.

The Procurement Unit was established on August 26, 2017. It is staffed by one (1) Procurement Director with support from two (2) other technical officers of the Ministry. The Director functions as the focal point on all matters dealing with Government Procurement for the Government of Belize.

The principal functions of the Unit are to:

  1. Promote and enforce policies, regulations and legislations related to Public Procurement by Government Agencies. This includes developing Standard Operational Procedures (manuals and handbooks) and provide training.

  2. Review contracts above BZ$50,000 to determine if procedures were followed in accordance with the Finance and Audit Act, Chapter 15 of the Laws of Belize, 2011 edition. Once the submissions are reviewed recommendations are made to the Financial Secretary for approval or otherwise for the award of contracts and the Line Ministries then present the draft contract to the Office of the Contractor General for review. Once the Contractor General has vetted the procedure used the Line Ministries and contractors are can sign contracts.

The Unit also acts as the focal point for the CARICOM Public Procurement Notice Board, collects procurement statistics and keeps a record of suppliers.


Achieve the highest standards of public procurement for Belize


Promote best practices in public procurement, zero tolerance for corruption to gain the trust of suppliers and the general public


Achieve Best Value for Money by establishing modern standards, guidelines and procedures that promote economy, accountability, transparency, innovation and fairness in Public Procurement


Promote sustainable economic and social development in Belize and further Integration among CARICOM states

Be the vanguard in to promote innovative products that do not harm the environment, and implement IT in public procurement

Establish Standard Operating Procedures and Standard Bidding Documents across Public Institutions in Belize and harmonize them with other CARICOM States

Promote Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises and incorporate them in the mainstream economy.

Use electronic means to publish procurement opportunities across Belize and CARICOM

Provide advice, information and public procurement statistics to the public and private sectors of the economy